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We deliver a host of full-service capabilities with every drop of oil

Full service certainly seems like the way to go, especially in these times of higher energy prices. You get the options you desire, the flexibility you want and the personal service you deserve.

Here are the many value-added services that UNYEA member dealers provide to help maximize your comfort and minimize your costs. Please call your individual dealer to find out which services are available. Don't have a dealer yet? Just click here.

Comprehensive Service Plans

Also called maintenance plans or contracts, service plans are a convenient way to cover the annual costs of preventive maintenance, repairs and replacement parts for your heating system with one low payment. During the life of this agreement, at no extra charge to you, your UNYEA Oilheat provider will repair or replace specified parts of your system that may become defective due to normal wear and tear. The labor associated with these repairs is included at no cost to you. Providing valuable protection of your home comfort system and peace of mind for you and your family, service plans include prompt, around-the-clock emergency service.

We offer different levels of coverage to suit your budget and needs. Service plan coverage ranges from basic parts service and annual tune-up to all-inclusive, top-of-the-line plans that can cover the repair and/or replacement of over 100 parts and include replacement allowances for oil tanks, boilers, heat exchangers or furnaces.

Most customers feel that the cost of a service plan is worthwhile just for the annual tune-up. Annual cleaning, tuning and testing can help to increase your heating system's performance and longevity. In fact, a tune-up can lower a homeowner's annual heating bill by as much as 5 percent.

A service contract also shields you from unexpected repair costs and can provide "priority response" over other customers not enrolled in the program. And most service contracts come with free Automatic Delivery. Some dealers even reward service contract customers with Loyalty Credits. These valuable credits are earned each year and can be used toward the purchase of a variety of heating equipment repairs and upgrades. Just call your local OHI-ENY Oilheat dealer today and find out how a service plan can help you to save money and give you peace of mind!

Payment Plans

Along with conserving energy, customers can save on heating bills by taking advantage of the different payment plans available through our member dealers. This section covers the various Oilheat payment plans to help you make an informed choice about how you want to pay for your fuel for easier budgeting.

Since most homeowners pay for 75% of their annual heating costs over a short three-month period, many Oilheat dealers offer convenient payment plans that can ease the financial burden over the winter months. Some dealers have their own storage tanks, allowing them to purchase bulk quantities of oil at times when wholesale prices are lowest and then pass the savings onto you. To provide price protection, dealers contract for fuel oil and price insurance almost a year in advance, lock in a price and pass the savings on to their customers. Price protection plans include Pre-Buy Plans and Price Caps.

Pre-Buy Plan

This is a free "lock-in" program that can help you to manage your energy bills. You purchase your heating fuel in advance of the heating season, when prices are usually lower. Most Oilheat dealers require a minimum purchase and offer this price only to Automatic Delivery customers.

Price Cap Plan

You can have the security of never paying more than an agreed-upon price per gallon with a Price Cap Plan. You can lock in a price for the entire heating season and it will be the highest price you will pay, no matter how high prices may go. If the retail price goes up, you pay the cap price, but if the retail price goes down, you pay the lower price. This plan allows for market changes and gives added flexibility as opposed to a fixed price.

Fixed Price Plan

Some Oilheat dealers offer a Fixed Price Plan. Under this plan, the price you pay for oil is fixed for a given period of time and will never go up or down. If the retail price goes up, the cost to the customer remains the same. Conversely, if the price goes down, the consumer doesn't benefit. Fixed price plans are good for people who need to know how much their oil is going to cost throughout the season. So they can budget the rest of their expenses accordingly.

Budget Plan

A Budget Plan is a proven shield against price fluctuations - your energy expenses are under control, even if temperatures plunge or fuel prices rise.

Upon credit approval from a member dealer, you may enter into a Budget Plan each spring for the following heating season. Oilheat dealers then take your yearly energy costs and divide them into equal monthly payments. Your annual costs are determined by analyzing your past fuel usage. At the end of the budget season, your dealer will either credit your account for the following year or bill you for the remaining balance due. Budget Plans are free of charge, with absolutely no cost to join.

Some dealers spread your annual heating cost over 10 equal payments from August to May, while others may offer plans with 9, 11 or 12 payments. Either way, a Budget Plan takes the guesswork out of bill paying. Without a Budget Plan, you'll pay more for your heat during the winter months, juggling bills during the holidays, when you can least afford it. Most homeowners find that a Budget Plan can help take the worry out of winter by making it easier to plan their finances with the convenience of even payments throughout the year.

Automatic Delivery


Most of our member dealers offer Automatic Delivery service free of charge for their price protection, budget and service plan customers. They use "degree day" technology and estimates based on a customer's tank size and past consumption to schedule regular refills. They even take the weather into account when severe winter weather is forecast to make sure you will not run out. In the rare event that you do run out of oil, on-call drivers will guarantee a fast fuel delivery and re-start your system on the spot.

Think of automatic delivery as a time-saver, which can ultimately save you money. There's no need to monitor your tank or notify your dealer when you are low on oil. Your Oilheat dealer is responsible for making timely deliveries based on the size of your home, the size of your oil tank, and your estimated consumption based on past usage and day-to-day weather conditions. There's no wondering whether your fuel gauge is "empty", no worrying about your family's comfort and no waiting for the fuel truck to arrive.

Heating Equipment Upgrades


How Can You Tell When It's Time for New Equipment?

If your Oilheat system is even 15 years "young", it's probably operating at only 60% efficiency. Modern Oilheat equipment, on the other hand, boasts efficiency ratings exceeding 90%. Older equipment also tends to be oversized, sometimes capable of heating twice the area of your home. Use the clues below to discover whether your current system may be wasting money and energy.

  1. Uneven heating throughout your home. Some of your rooms are too hot or too cold. If you've remodeled or added on to your home, your current furnace may not be heating your new space efficiently.
  2. A time lag between turning the heat on and actually feeling it.
  3. More frequent breakdowns and service calls.
  4. Rising energy consumption even when you turn the temperature down.
  5. Noticeable soot and/or loud noise.
  6. Your equipment takes up too much room.
  7. An efficiency test result of less than 80%. If it cannot be increased with minor tuning changes, it may make economic sense to consider replacing your heating system.
  8. Your system is 15 years old or more.

The Benefits of Upgrading

  1. A new heating/hot water system - one that includes a programmable thermostat - can mean an annual savings of as much as $300+ a year for every $1,000 you pay for these systems.*
  2. More comfort. Your home is heated faster, more evenly.
  3. More hot water. Oilheat's high BTU content makes faster hot water.
  4. A more compact design. Today's units are often 1/3 the size of their ancestors - that means more room for you!
  5. Fewer service calls. Middle-of-the-night breakdowns are virtually eliminated.
  6. Cleaner burning, so it's better for the environment.
  7. Whisper quiet operation - no more clanks, groans and bangs!
  8. Today's fuel-efficient systems can pay for themselves within 4 to 8 years.
  9. A new heating system is one of the top five investments you can make in your home and is an excellent selling point when your home is on the market.

* National Oilheat Research Alliance

Your UNYEA dealer can help you select a model that's right for your needs and your budget. Just click here for a member dealer near you.

Water Heater Upgrades


Does it seem like you're always running out of water? The culprit is probably a hot water heater that can't keep up with the heavy demand. When you invest in a new hot water heater, you'll enjoy long, HOT showers ... even when the dishwasher and washing machine are running!

Today's advanced technology means that your new equipment will last longer than yesterday's model, operate more quietly, and even help you save on fuel. In fact, a new energy-efficient model can save you up to 10% on water-heating costs.

It's no wonder that oil-fired hot water heaters are especially popular - they provide a virtually unlimited supply of hot water! That's right - in the fall, winter and spring, your hot water is virtually free because it runs off your current heating boiler.

If you're ready to select a new hot water heater, just give one of our members a call. Our technicians can review the size of your home and calculate your typical usage to determine the size and type of heater that would be most appropriate. Let an Oilheat pro install a model that gets rid of the goose bumps and guarantees you and your family hot water satisfaction!

Water Heater Facts

  • About 20% of residential energy is used for heating water.
  • Water heating is the third largest energy expense in U.S. households.
  • If your water heater is more than 10 years old, it probably has an efficiency of no higher than 50%.
  • Over 8 million water heaters are replaced or installed on new construction yearly.
  • 655 water heaters are replaced every hour.
  • The average life of a water heater is 8-13 years, without maintenance.

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