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Upstate New York Oilheat is Renewable.

Upstate New York Oilheat is growing greener every year thanks to innovations like ultra-low sulfur heating oil (ULSHO) and Bioheat® fuel. These environmentally friendly heating oil blends produce near-zero emissions, contain renewable resources such as soybean oil, and can be used by any Oilheat system without making modifications to your burner or your tank. Here are some other helpful facts about ULSHO and Bioheat® fuel.


Ultra-low sulfur heating oil lowers maintenance, improves efficiency and reduces pollution from heating systems.

Bioheat® fuel blends up to B20 (20 percent biodiesel) can be used with existing Oilheat systems to achieve performance equivalent to, if not better than, conventional heating oil.

Bioheat® fuel supports Upstate New York farmers, reduces our state’s dependence on foreign oil, and promotes Upstate New York energy independence.

New York stays clean with ultra-low sulfur heating oil (ULSHO). All heating oil sold within New York State must be ULSHO, which lowers the sulfur content to 15 parts per million (ppm), a significant decrease from the 2,000 ppm found in the "old" Oilheat.

Bioheat® fuel is clean, green and inexpensive. Purchasing Bioheat® fuel allows Upstate New York dealers to earn money back on any Bioheat® fuel used for space heating or hot water production for residential purposes within the state of New York. This can earn dealers up to 20 cents per percent of biodiesel within a gallon of Bioheat® fuel purchased that contains anywhere from 6 percent to 20 percent biodiesel. Those savings then carry over to customers.

Many Upstate New York Oilheat Dealers sell renewable blends of low-sulfur heating oil, ultra-low sulfur heating oil and/or Bioheat® fuel. To heat your home using one of these renewable fuels, find an Upstate New York Oilheat dealer near you.

For more information, visit mybioheat online.

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