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Oilheat Is Efficient

Oilheat house Oilheat provides consistent and efficient home heating power. Heating efficiency is the amount of usable heat extracted from the potential energy of the fuel. If a heating system is 85% efficient, 85 cents of every dollar you spend goes to heat your home and hot water.

Efficiencies of new oil equipment range from 83% to 95%. As a result of NORA research, Oilheat systems are getting more and more efficient every year, and many high-efficiency oil-fired furnaces and boilers have received the U.S. Department of Energy’s ENERGY STAR® designation, indicating that they achieve high efficiency without sacrificing performance. Visit Oilheat America to find out more about the efficiency of Oilheat.

Oilheat Is Clean Heat

When properly adjusted and maintained, Oilheat systems create no observable soot, dirt, or odors in the home. Achievements in oil burner technology have resulted in emissions levels approaching zero, making Oilheat 95% cleaner than it was 25 years ago (Source: USEPA, BNL Report 52249). Visit Oilheat America, to find out more about clean-burning Oilheat.

Oilheat Is Environmentally Friendly

All heating oil sold in New York State is ultra-low sulfur heating oil, which contains just 15 sulfur parts per million. This is a 99% reduction in sulfur content versus conventional heating oil. The reduction in sulfur content results in significant reductions in sulfur dioxide emissions and overall particulate matter emissions, making New York’s heating oil cleaner than ever.

Some heating oil suppliers go a step further by offering a blend of ultra-low sulfur heating oil and renewable biodiesel known as Bioheat® fuel. Bioheat fuel is sold at different blend levels: B2 contains 2% biodiesel, B5 contains 5% biodiesel, B10 contains 10% biodiesel, and so on. New York State provides a tax credit for any resident using blends of B6 or higher Bioheat fuel. Click here for more information. To find out more about renewable Bioheat fuel, visit Oilheat America.

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Oilheat Is Safe

mother and son Safety is everyone's concern ... and Oilheat offers consumers real peace of mind!
  • Oilheat does not pose a health hazard for you, your family or your property.
  • Heating oil will NOT explode.
  • A match dropped into heating oil will go out as if it were dropped into water.
  • In a liquid state, heating oil will NOT burn.
  • To light on fire, heating oil must be heated above 140° so it will vaporize.
  • In the event of a burner malfunction, an Oilheat system creates visible smoke, which serves as a warning that the system may be producing carbon monoxide gas.
  • With Oilheat, you benefit from having your fuel source safely stored on your property - with no need to worry about the weather or disruptions in the fuel supply. Modern underground storage tanks are designed with corrosion-resistant materials to make them safer and more leak-proof than ever before. And optional tank enclosures provide additional protection for aboveground tanks that can be conveniently located in the garage, basement or next to the home.
Go to the Oilheat America website to learn more about the safety of Oilheat.

Oilheat Is Versatile

Oilheat can be used in:
  • Forced air systems, boilers or radiant appliances.
  • Indirect hot water heaters, which have the highest per-gallon hot water recovery rates.
  • Heating systems that can be adapted by adding air conditioners and electronic air cleaners.

Oilheat Efficiency Conserves Energy

Oilheat equipment manufacturers have continually improved the efficiency of oil burners and heating equipment. The results are impressive. In 1973 it took 1,294 gallons of oil to heat the average home. Today the average Oilheat homeowner uses just 833 gallons - that's 35% less fuel!

Thanks to conservation measures, and the increased efficiency of new Oilheat equipment, Oilheat customers today use 6 billion fewer gallons of oil a year than they did in the 1970s. Brookhaven National Laboratory's Oilheat research has been credited with efficiency improvements that have reduced fuel oil use in homes by more than 40 percent! And the Oilheat industry continues to search for ways to conserve even more energy in the future.

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Oilheat Provides Real Service for Real People

When it comes to all the comforts of home, local, dependable Oilheat delivers.
  • In a recent survey, over 95% of consumers gave Oilheat the "thumbs up", citing personal service as one of its strongest benefits.
  • Oilheat provides dependable service from a local supplier that knows you and your heating system.
  • Oilheat companies customize their services to meet your budget and home comfort needs.
  • An Oilheat dealer's "full service" menu includes automatic delivery, service contracts, budget plans and much more.
  • Oilheat offers you a choice of many suppliers.
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